Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Your Art & Stories, Radio Show Time Changes

As we inch closer to the majority of children heading back to their classrooms, traditional or home school, and as my own life changes too, the Wendy Ann Story Hour is being move to a new day and time slot.

Our new day is Sunday and our new time is 3:30 p.m.

This time change will let me easily do the show and archive it so you can listen any time! This is an invitation for young artists and storytellers!

Send images of your artwork you are making and word files of the stories your are writing over the summer. I will select images and stories to post on this site and perhaps even read on the radio program. Children with Autism are especially encouraged to send in their artwork. Making art and music were so important as a child when I searched for ways to make sense of my Asperger's world. You may find this is true for you, too

Send to: salles.creativity@gmx.com Your images should be jpg files. Your stories? Word DOC files, please. Thank you! I look forward to your sharing your creativity!

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